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Packing really sucks.
I’m sure it’s a picnic
for the poised
but I’m not

I’m one of the unorganized
not one of the spice cabinet alphabetizers

I hate packing.
Mostly because I have to make a million micro decisions.

Should I pack two tubes of travel size toothpaste or just the medium size tube? Pack the medium tube and just one travel size.

It’s discipline mode.
I had to try on every outfit
I wanted to bring
just to make sure it was comfortable.
If not, it didn’t make the cut.
Off the team like a fat kid cut from the select soccer team

Ligistics. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t pack it.
But that dress would look smashing at a night club in Soho.
You’re not going to Soho or a London nightclub.
But there’s always a possibility.
Shut up.
Be Sensible.

I was overthinking it when I wanted to go get new clothes because the clothes I picked to bring are not all that comfortable. Come to think of it, none of my clothes are super perfect comfortable.
That is my mistake: thinking that a new wardrobe would be more comfortable.
Then again, nothing is perfect.

I got the job done.
I’m tired.
Time to sleep next to my husband for the third to last time for two weeks.


Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

In 1829-30, Charlotte Brontë was 13 and her brother Branwell Brontë 12. Creating fantasy worlds they called Angria and Glass Town, the siblings made teeny tiny books.

Measuring less than 1 inch by 2 inches, the books were…

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Magical night. A young couple just got engaged in front of us and the fireworks haven’t even officially started. I love the magic of summer and especially the Patriotric beauty and bonding of the Fourth of July.

Life is good.

Happy Independence Day America! 

Photo 1: Senator Liz Byrd from Wyoming holding the American flag at the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Cheyenne in 2004

Photo 2: American flag in Berthoud, Colorado where my mom lived in Berthoud Nursing Home; photo taken 2012

Photo 3: American flag somewhere in Utah from 2000 trip driving from Redlands, CA to Cheyenne, WY. #quest

Photo 4: Photo taken at Jerome Davis’ ranch in Archdale, NC; 2012

Photo 5: American flag in Cheyenne,WY; photo taken 2009

Minimalism is a great catalyst for clarity.

Packing light for trip to UK. If you want to know more about why I am going to England, you can read more about that here: My Go Fund Me campaign. I was selected as a Borchardt Fellow and will be joining other teachers from the Research Triangle in a sunmer study abroad course, Writing and Technology Integration at the University of Surrey.


This is in…

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And just like that — the tiger lilies bloom — ushering in July’s heat and passion.

I am trying to embrace my “optimal productive mode.”  I heard that term tonight in Steve and Chris’s UnStuckable podcast. Great website and certainly a great motivational tool and blueprint to start taking the steps in your life to get unstuck and move towards your dharma dreams.  Check UnStuckableout. You won’t…

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Let’s celebrate our moms on Monday. If you would like to join me in a celebration of your mother, create a collage to honor her and/or remember her and add hashtag #mymommonday and/or #mmm. It can be similar to #tbt or #throwbackthursday.

I created this collage in my writing and technology integration class.

I made this Pixlr collage in class after writing about my dream room. In my dream room, my mother is still alive.

I made this Pixlrcollage in class after writing about my dream room. In my dream room, my…

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This is Bobby and Bengi (his dog) sitting in front of the bell tower at NC State.

This is Bobby and Bengi (his dog) sitting in front of the bell tower at NC State.

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